Budgeting Essentials: Debt Relief Workshop

Budgeting Essentials: Debt Relief Workshop

Join Dan the Budget Man for this FREE Debt Relief Workshop.

 Why You should take the Workshop:

 1. It's FREE!

 2. We discuss debt in a no-blame, no-shame, no-guilt manner.

 3. Debt is more than what you spend.  Get a new mindset in this workshop.

 4. We go over In-depth explanations of debt - providing concrete examples to learn from.

 5. Buying a car?  Learn what to do besides negotiating price.

 6. Learn why the "SIZE" of your car payment is the wrong thing to look at when buying a car.

 7. Interested in buying a home?  Even with current interest rates, here is what to watch out for. 

 8. Don't let long contracts intimidate you - learn how in this workshop.

 9. Secondary "rights" explained.

  10. Learn how to save 10% or more on your car purchase.

 11. Learn how to save 100% or more on your house purchase. No joke!


 BONUS: Learn what NOT to do! 

You would be surprised how many people have chosen to do "these things" and failed. 

Access: Lifetime
Price: Free